New York is where dreams come true for many. Apart from the usual yellow NYC taxi you might also see limo rentals driving around the city.

And you can’t help but wonder who is inside. Is it a Wall Street executive? Is it a model going to an awards show?

Or is it a celebrity going as a guest to one of the many popular talk shows that are aired from New York City. If you are thinking about some serious fun, then New York has got your days covered with so much to see.

1. Clubs

The club scene in New York is off the hook and like no other. So if you are coming with your girlfriend/boyfriend, arrive at the club in style in a limo rental service. It will create an impression on the bouncer because we all know whether its Portland or New York; if you look like some big shot coming to the club, you will automatically be let it instead of waiting in a long queue. Hiring a party bus service can become an advantage too if you are travelling with a group of friends.

2. The Food

The restaurants in New York are so diverse. And offer a wide variety of cuisines by some of the best chefs of the world. New York City boasts over a 100 Michelin star restaurants catering to the palette and taste buds of the food connoisseurs. So the perfect way to have a date in the city whether it’s New York or Portland; is to pick your date in a best limo service near me and take her to one of the fine dining restaurants.

 3. The Shopping

Just head over to Times Square in Manhattan in your limo rental near me or party bus service and go shopping. The top designer stores at 5th Avenue will give anyone a burst of retail therapy.

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