Flowers speak their own language, and many have been interpreted as saying “I love you.”

4 Symbolic Flowers for Love and Weddings

Take the red rose for example. We’ve dove into the history of flowers and found one’s that are perfect to add to any wedding!

The flower Jasmine, found to be most revered on the continents India and Asia, as it’s a powerful symbol of love stemming from the ancient religion of Hinduism. This religion, often referred to as one of the oldest have celebrated the use of Jasmine in many traditions. And rituals, including weddings. As prized as our best limo service near me. This white and highly fragrant flower is often chosen for traditional weddings as a symbol of love, prosperity, grace, and elegance.

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Primula vulgaris, otherwise known as Primrose is said to signify an abundance of love, featuring 5 pale yellow petals and a deeper yellow center. It was voted as the country flower of Devon, and even has festivals named after it in Britain for prime minister Benjamin Disraeli, who had first uncovered this flower in the wild. Who knows, you might see one riding on limo service near Atlanta.

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Search for an Limo service Near Me, and set out to find Ylang Ylang. Commonly found as essential oils, it is known to carry with it the promise of ever-lasting love. Native to Indonesia, and is one of the key ingredients in the popular perfume called Chanel No. 5.

Grab a party bus or limousine near Atlanta can set out to find their Bleeding Heart. Yes, there is a plant with that name, look up photos and you’ll see why!

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